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‘Creativity is just intelligence having fun’, the ethos of headoffice3 and agile working...

Here at headoffice3 we fully endorse the idea of an office community where all the different minds, brains and personalities can shine in their own unique ways using different areas (or zones) of their district.  They can meet up with their neighbours at the restaurant (tea break zone), or take a walk in the park (breakout zone) to discuss their ideas.

A survey conducted by magazine Deskmag found that people who work in a team are more creative, productive and confident. A total of 71% of those questioned said they were more creative, 62% reported that their standard of work improved significantly and 90% said they felt more confident when co-working.  On top of that, 70% said they felt healthier than they did working in a traditional office environment. We strive to give each employee a chance to express their strengths by providing a variety of physical settings for them to be productive in.   The current generation of employees have developed a unique and inspirational way of working, based on the educational establishments are embracing agile learning concepts. Students can learn anywhere with the current technology; in the car, in the park, in their bedroom – why should they be restricted to a static environment with their own desk when they get their job?. So, we set out to provide them with the dynamic surroundings they need to thrive.  

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