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Happy office quiz

Posted: Jul 18, 2018


Your office design has more influence on how happy your employees are than you might realise.

headoffice3 believe in creating great workspaces that foster creativity, collaboration and increase productivity. The most common complaints we hear relating to the office environment are concerning the air conditioning (it's always too hot or too cold), the kitchen facilities or the noise levels or layout which prohibit people's ability to communicate effectively. While these are important hygiene factors, there is always more to office design than what you see above the surface. And the effects on your employees can be surprising - resulting in a stressful and unproductive environment. It's why we offer free workspace consulting to ensure our office designs always hit the mark.

It is a scientifically proven fact that people who are in good spirits are more likely to be productive. This is because the happy 'hormone' stimulates the brain, increases oxygen intake and retention, releases endorphins (your brain's feel-good chemicals), and increases blood flow to the brain, all of which enable people to think more clearly and creatively. As a consequence, your employees are more relaxed, more accepting of others, and more likely to share their sense of humour and contribute to a positive shared working culture.

Creativity, intuition and flexibility are key to the successful operation of organisations today. In stimulating environments, employees are able to both excel and enjoy their time at work. Businesses will also find that attracting customers is easier in an environment of hospitality.

So, a fun workplace is not only more productive, but it attracts people and profits.

We've put together a quick and fun quiz to see how your work environment measures up.

If you answer no to two or more of these questions, your staff are probably suffering from 'BOD' (Bad Office Design). If you struggle with all the questions, you might have bigger fish to fry. The office design, we can help with!

If you would like any tips on how to make your office design more exciting/fun to increase staff productivity simply call us on 0113 257 7777.