As 2022 draws to a close, we thought we’d take a minute to pause amidst the end-of year madness to consider a year of Headoffice3 as a whole.

Highlights, obstacles, business growth and future plans for office-to-residential fitouts; all aspects of our business that we like to contemplate before jumping into a new year.

Of course, one of the great benefits of providing an end-to-end service is that our multi-talented team are all in house which makes for an easy annual debrief. When designers, architects, planning consultants and quantity surveyors join forces, we’re provided a tremendous opportunity to discuss these items in detail. (You can imagine the pre-project brainstorming sessions; they can get quite loud!)

Naturally, another key benefit of offering a fully inhouse service is that our clients only have to deal with one company. There’s no co-ordinating, or chasing people that never answer their phones – from concept through to completion, we’re on hand to assist with any complex construction project.

Speaking of projects, there are always those that stand out for both the experience and the creation itself. We were blessed to have worked on a stunning heritage building refurb this year at Arlington House, Bath. When you’re asked to strip a building back to a shell to further complete 35 beautiful apartments, including a roof extension to create five stunning penthouses and a rooftop terrace, you know you’re onto something special. With wonderful views of the Abbey, we had big boots to fill, and we believe that we did just that.

You can see the full project here.

We also completed Phase 1 of our 457-bed student residential project (phase 1 was 200 beds!). Please note, The Leatherworks isn’t your average student accommodation, we’re talking about open, modern and flexible spaces with opulent décor and ensuites for every bedroom!

The ensuites proved slightly taxing due to a lack of space, but with a multi-talented team of professionals onboard, we were able to quickly find a solution. By creating small, demountable pods that could be placed in each room, we able to fit them through the doorways with ease.

And that’s the difference in working with one team, under one roof. We can always find a smart solution, to even the most complex of fitouts!

As a result, it quickly became one of our favourite projects. Isn’t that often the way?

These are just a couple of exciting project examples from 2022, but we’ve obviously undertaken many more. In fact, as a fit out company, you’re often faced with a great number of projects that you’d love to take on, but simply don’t have the time.

In fact, one of our key discussion points highlighted our unanimous feeling that it’s okay to turn away work when your schedule is full. We’d much rather complete a quality job on ten sites than bite off more than we can chew. We don’t believe in letting clients down, so we ensure that we only commit to what we can complete. You’ll find that this sets us apart from many of our competitors.

That said, despite our selective choices, we’ve still seen a 25% increase in turnover this year so it proves that we’re making the right moves.

And what does 2023 bring? We anticipate a further rise in office-to-residential projects as more organisations choose to downsize and relocate to smaller premises, largely due to the transition to flexible working.

We’re also in the process of selling a luxury bungalow in Alwoodley that we’ve bought, extended and fitted out to an impeccably high standard. Pictures will soon be available, and we can’t wait to share them with you. We’re also soon to be announcing a large, under-wraps scheme that we’re working on in Sheffield.


Watch this space!

It’s also likely that 2023 will see a great number of people opting for companies like Headoffice3 that provide an all-in-one service. Time is more valuable than ever, and people want to hand a project over in its entirety, without the hassle of having to chase.

A reputable company of trusted advisors will provide this service with competitive pricing, a quick, hassle-free turnaround and remarkable results. They’ll also be fully up-to-date with the planning regulations that you’ll need to consider for your project.

With that in mind, we really hope that you consider Headoffice3 for any of your construction projects next year.

Have a great holiday, and we hope to see you on the other side.