You’ve made the decision to convert your office space into a residential property! Great idea!

As remote and hybrid work patterns continue to thrive, commercial offices are becoming increasingly obsolete. Rather than suffering the pitfalls of this transition, you’ve taken positive action to ensure that your real estate doesn’t go to waste.

Now it’s time to choose an experienced company to take on your conversion. So much choice, so little time!

We’ve outlined five reasons why an all-in-one design and build company ensures a faster, more efficient and smoother experience than a traditional approach.

Cost effective

One of your first considerations is likely to be budget and you’d be sensible to start here. The benefit of working with a design and build company is the ability to gain early cost certainty. Working with one team of professionals enables you to negotiate a cost-effective free from the off. That means that further down the line, there won’t be any hidden costs or nasty surprises that can set a project back.

Naturally, there is always the possibility of an unpredicted issue that can require an additional cost, but generally speaking, you’ll be quoted an overall fee that will cover every aspect of your project from concept to creation.

In other words, complete transparency!

One dedicated team

When working with a design and build company, you have the distinct advantage of having a team of experienced professionals under one roof. This means your quantity surveyors, interior designers, architects and project managers are on the same page from day one. Sharing the same vision, working to the same goal.

By opting for a company that can demonstrate a good depth of experience, there’s the added bonus of having a team that know how each other think and work, thus better able to work in harmony with the rest of the team.

Remember, there’s no ‘I’ in team!

Less stress

When you hire a number of different trades people, there’s every chance that there will be a delay down the line. This usually means that the next stage is delayed, but what if your next contractor is booked up and can’t come back for a couple of months? Pure stress! Just like that, your project timeline is no longer on schedule.

How about when a contractor doesn’t show? You keep reaching a voicemail. Frustrating!

Then there’s the time when your interior designer doesn’t agree with something the project manager has done. Suddenly, you’re firmly embroiled in the middle of a minor domestic dispute and no one’s doing anything!

Put simply, you don’t need the stress. Working with one design and build team instantly negates all of the above. From the outset, detailed discussions and firmly laid-out plans ensure that delays are unnecessary. No unanswered calls. No disagreements.

The perfect foundation for facilitating any commercial construction project.

Shorter delivery time

When dealing with individual contractors, it can be tricky to coordinate schedules. You’re considered incredibly fortunate if you can seamlessly transition from one aspect of a project to another without hassle, delay or interruption.

With one team, the overlap of design and construction reduces the overall project time. This is a huge benefit, particularly if you’re on a time restraint. Once the contract is awarded, it’s all systems go which makes things a great deal simpler.

As a client, you’re also able to engage with the team from the outset to achieve a more practical solution, if necessary. Overall, you can make any big decisions early on to lessen impact at a later date.


Loyalty should be a pre-requisite for any construction project, but when you’re working with a host of varied contractors, your project can become nothing more than a ‘job’ for them. Of course, it’s understandable. If you take over from someone else’s work, it’s hard to get excited about the end result. Individual contractors only tend to see parts of a project as it moves along, which isn’t as rewarding as seeing it from start to finish.   

Working with a dedicated team makes the project exciting for them too. They want to see the transformation, and work hard to ensure that they go the extra yard in making it that bit more special. Having seen the project in its earliest stages, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing it all the way through to completion.

It’s that reward that promises the utmost loyalty throughout.

Thinking of converting your commercial office space?

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