Our world seems to be changing by the day, and we’re finding inventive and sustainable ways of living and working. In turn, construction is transforming to keep pace with change. Demolitions are lessening as old buildings are being repurposed, modular spaces are becoming a more feasible and inexpensive option.

Architecture is becoming more diverse than ever before.

Across the world, leading construction industry experts are developing innovative projects and deploying new technology to transform the way we live and work.

As this landscape continues to shift, we thought we’d highlight a few of the trends that might well shape the future.

Adaptive reuse

Vast concerns around the environmental impact of construction coupled with housing shortages in the UK are promoting a rise in the repurposing and renovation of existing buildings.

While the team at Headoffice3 are adept at converting old office spaces into shiny new residential properties, we’re also gaining more projects that feature quirky conversions such as the repurposing of old churches and schools into new homes and retail outlets.

The upcycling of building structures offers major sustainability benefits such as reduced carbon emissions and energy efficiency. Equally, the reuse of an existing structure helps preserve the character and heritage of an old building without the environmental impacts associated with demolishing and re-building.

More recently, adaptive reuse has offered a solution to the UK housing crisis.

Modular spaces

Glamping was once considered a holiday retreat, nowadays we’re seeing pods and cabins as home add-ons or permanent living accommodation. If you’re picturing a tiny pod, think again. You only need to look at these to see where the attraction lies.

The combination of rising bills and a burning desire to connect with nature has seen a rise in wooden chalet style homes over the past five years. They’re lower in cost, hassle free and enable homeowners to cash in on their houses and use the capital to invest in a more relaxed lifestyle. They also provide a great option for those struggling to get on the property ladder but requiring a temporary stop gap.

It’s still a fairly new phenomenon so only time will tell if it gains momentum. Even so, there are a whole host of benefits in choosing a lodge as a permanent or second home.

There’s even talk that climate change may ultimately drive us towards water-based living solutions, but we’ll save that for another time!

3D printing solutions

It’s still a tricky one to digest but 3D modelling and printing is increasingly being utilised in building design and construction.

Reduced labour and logistics time, financially feasible, sustainable, easy to replicate; just a few of the undeniable benefits of this global phenomenon. It also enables architects to create high-precision models of varying forms which only a machine can do to perfection. Sad, but true.

Over the past few years, 3D printing has come to the fore as a reliable form of hassle-free residence that is fully accessible to the public. And with printing taking just hours as opposed to days, it’s only a matter of time before we really see the futuristic possibilities of this cutting-edge technology.

(Here’s hoping us mere mortals will still be needed!)

Mixed use developments

Growing urbanisation trends are seeing a rise in mixed-use buildings that combine residential, commercial, retail and recreational amenities in one structure. This approach enables higher population densities and tends to see faster rental rates than standalone buildings in the same market.

Headoffice3 have recently headed the team on two such projects; Iron Yard in Sheffield which underwent a major conversion from a government building to 95 luxury apartments for young professionals, and newly refurbished The Leatherworks, Leeds which now offers luxury student accommodation. You can also see one of our previous projects here.

As with many mixed-use developments, our projects were largely aimed at specific demographics requiring a high quality of living. Amenities including residential lounges and common rooms, games rooms and a gym all contribute to forming dynamic and liveable communities.

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